A Servant


of Spirit:


It is said that the beauty of a servant of Spirit is defined not merely by their thoughts but by their actions, human nature defines that thoughts are the reason behind a given action of an individual, but the overwhelming thought directing any action should be the pure love in the heart of that individual, so it is with a servant of the Spirit.

Actions are not merely thoughts put into play, but are an overwhelming desire to express the pure love of the Spirit in their heart, in deeds towards their brothers and sisters, the pure love of the Spirit is what motivates these individuals to give expression to abilities, which manifest through that pure love.

Physical love has its purpose, but is confined to the physical world. Pure love of the Spirit is the reality, it is the most powerful force in the universe, its force is tangible, it can be soft and gentle like the lush dew laden green meadows of a warm spring morning or as powerful as the force of the largest tidal wave, which will sweep everything from its path.

Spiritual love cannot be expressed in any terms that you would understand; the soft radiant beauty of it defies description, because it is non physical, it fills your whole being with an overwhelming desire to be of service.


Service to your brothers and sisters, to respect all forms of life wherever they may be, to live in universal harmony with one another, this is the pure love of Spirit which shines forth from and directs the thoughts and actions of a servant of Spirit.