Interactive Surgical Treatment:


Surgery not Spiritual Healing:

Please be aware that this method of treatment is not Absent Spiritual Healing and should certainly not be treated as such, the method is designed for patients who require help with physical issues relating to Surgical conditions that require treatment. It is also an ideal treatment method for those patients who have some awareness of Spirit.


Starting the Process:

To begin the process a patient will need to first establish if treatment is available for their particular condition(s) a full list of conditions treated are listed below.

Patients will then need to arrange with me a suitable time and date for their treatment via one of our regular monthly or bi-monthly pre-arranged interactive clinics listed on this website.


Treatment Fees:

Patients who decide to proceed with treatment must first arrange for a prepayment of £40 per session to be made before an appointment can be confirmed.


Prior to Treatment:

I need you no later than 48hrs before the treatment date to contact me via e-mail advising the latest update on your conditions, just as you would tell Peter the surgeon if you were in a clinic, I can then print out the details so that he can read it before he and his team begin their treatment.


 What to do During Treatment:

All a patient is required to do is to be at rest during this time slot, just imagine that you are resting comfortably on a treatment couch. Either sit comfortably in a chair (a recliner is ideal) or lay comfortable on your bed and allow the work to proceed to a conclusion. You may if you wish also listen to a gentle piece of music if this will help with your relaxation.


  After Treatment:

Afterwards I will advise you by e-mail no later 48hrs after the appointment exactly what Peter and his team have done, after receiving your report if they haven't advised you on one particular point that concerns you let me know and I'll ask him and forward the answer on to you once received. Please feel free to contact me if you're not clear on any of the points mentioned.


Medical Conditions Treated Include:

Arthritis, Rheumatism, Eye disorders, Slipped discs, Back/Neck/Shoulder & Stomach pain,

Hernia repairs, Locked joints, Sinus problems, Post-operative pain,Nerve conditions.