Preparing his Medium:


For Peter to perform these surgical procedures on the physical plane requires several hours of preparation with the medium before any surgery work can be commenced.


The Spirit operators responsible for this phase of the work create an energy vortex around the medium, this vortex is created through Mike’s particular type of mediumship it surrounds his physical body and is interwoven through his physical nervous system.


Designed to allow Peter, the members of his medical team and surgical equipment required easy access to the physical plane this vortex can then be contracted or expanded at their request and it is an essential part of the preparation for the work.


Controlling his Medium:


This is the easiest part of the process the medium has been able to develop through constant practise the ability to place himself into a state of deep and tranquil relaxation.


This condition having been achieved by the medium will allow Peter, through the operation of Spirit science to link in to his physical brain and nervous system.


This strong link between the Physical and Spirit is an essential part of the process as it enables Peter to gain some control over the physical body of his medium.


Allowing Peter to manipulate those areas of the physical brain, which control the speech, hearing, vision and limbs of his medium in order to perform these procedures on a physical level.


When Performing Surgery:


You will Not See any fingers entering the physical body of a patient, or see any incisions being made during the surgery


and at no time will you see physical tissue being withdrawn during these procedures. Peter uses the fingers of his medium simply as a focal point in order to locate a particular area of the physical body of the patient that requires surgery.


Once the area is located he will then perform these surgical procedures using his own hands and surgical instruments through the physical hands of the medium.