What isSpirit Surgery:

Spiritual surgery is a very simple relatively pain free procedure, there is nothing mystical or magical about these surgical procedures, because they are administered from and performed by those trained for this specialist work in Spirit, they are simply a physical manifestation of the natural laws of the universe.

The procedures are performed by utilising the physical body of a medium who places themselves into a state of deep and tranquil relaxation, allowing Spirit, through the use of Spirit science to link in and manipulate the areas of the physical brain which control speech, hearing, vision and the limbs of the medium in order to complete the surgical work on a physical level.


Spirit surgery cannot override the natural universal law, but by working within the scope of these laws then there is much that can be accomplished, these surgical procedures work with a patients own natural healing function to bring about a correction and restoration of health to the physical body.


Spiritual surgery doesn't require the use of any physical instruments you normally associate with a conventional physical operation, instead special Spirit instruments are used to carry out these gentle non-intrusive surgical operations, although they are similar in appearance to their physical counterparts these instruments do not bring any accompanying pain or discomfort.


Patients at a clinic or demonstration will often report feeling these instruments being used during surgery and audience members at a demonstration who are mediumistic can see these instruments being used within the vicinity of the hands of the medium.