Due to Covid 19 we are in the process of arranging online training workshops, for further information contact is available via e-mail address listed at the bottom of the page!!!

Understanding Trance Mediumship

A Voyage of Discovery in

Altered States of Consciousness


Altered States of Consciousness is the foundation for developing many varied forms of mediumship, including, Spiritual communication/healing/surgery, Inspirational speaking/writing/art, it also plays a major part in the development of Physical mediumship.


The evidence being provided to a recipient during a demonstration of mediumship owes much of its success to the ability of the medium to work in these Altered State of Consciousness, while an understanding of this method of working can also be the key to discovering a whole new level to your own work with Spirit, whatever that direction may take.


On this two day course you will have the opportunity to look at your own mediumship, while examining the importance of understanding how you actually work with Spirit, learning to understand and recognise that in mediumship there are many different levels of connection with Spirit, from very subtle influences to the deep trance state.


Through the performance of various exercises and with a sharing of knowledge you will be lead on a two day progressive path of understanding which will help you achieve your potential as a worker for Spirit, This course may just be the kick start that takes your mediumship to a whole new level of understanding and blending with Spirit.


For further information about these weekend workshops or to discuss the possibilty of arranging such an event for your local Church/Centre contact: Mike Smith:


mike@spiritsurgery.org.uk or info@spiritsurgery.org.uk