What happens at a Clinic?


During a normal Spiritual surgery session the patient will simply be requested to lie on a therapy bed and then drift into a deep peaceful and relaxed state while the work is being performed, if your condition prevents you from maintaining a comfortable posture on a therapy bed a suitable chair or stool will be provided for your treatment.


Spiritual healing can also form part of the treatment for a patient at a clinic, it is considered to be complementary to the surgery work and is known to have beneficial results on particular conditions being treated. We use the HANDS ON healing method at the clinic, with positions of the hands of the healer clearly described to the patient before treatment is given.


There is no requirement for a patient to remove any clothing, these Spirit instruments makes this requirement unnecessary, as they can pass easily through any clothing that the patient may be wearing at the time, the only exception is the removal of a top coat, shoes or spectacles that the patient may wish to remove in order to feel more comfortable.


Appointment times at the clinic are approximate due to the nature of the work, we are unable to book a specific appointment time however we will make every effort to see you at the agreed time, so please be patient, you will find that at the clinic we have no fixed time limit for any particular session.


It is the work that is required at the time which dictates how long a particular session lasts, the amount of surgery sessions required are based on the condition that is being treated at the time and how long a patient may already have suffered from that condition.


The surgery treatment that patients receive at the clinic creates certain effects on the physical body which are similar in nature to a conventional physical operation, patients will feel tired and sometimes experience mild post operative discomfort afterwards, so we always advise patients to rest for several hours afterwards to allow time to recover from them.