Interactive (Remote) Spiritual Surgery with Peter the Spirit Surgeon:


This interactive treatment allows the patient the opportunity to relax completely in the comfortable atmosphere of their own home whilst allowing the treatment to take place during a

pre-arranged time and date. Removing the need for patients to visit a clinic location.


What is Interactive Spiritual Surgery?


In simple terms “Interactive” Spiritual surgery is the term used for surgical procedures being performed on the physical body of a patient by a team of surgeons from Spirit trained in these unusual procedures while working through a medium, who while absent from the physical presence of a patient is completely entranced by those who work with him during these sessions.


Administered from and performed by those trained in Spirit for this specialist work, these procedures can only be performed using the physical faculties of an entranced medium or one who is working under their strong influence.


Like all other complementary treatments Spiritual surgery cannot simply override the natural universal law, but by working within the scope of these laws then there is much that can be accomplished by these surgical procedures.


They work in conjunction with the natural healing function of a patient and can bring about a correction and restoration of health to the physical body.


This treatment does not bring any of the accompanying pain or discomfort usually associated with a physical operation. Spiritual surgery remains a simple pain free procedure, there is nothing mystical or magical about these procedures.

They are simply a physical manifestation of the natural laws of the universe.