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Mike & Peter how it all began:


Mike the Medium:


Introduced into Spiritualism at the young age of 19, Mike held no interest in trance mediumship for many years, but was content to just continue developing his natural healing ability.

That was until in 1999 when he began sitting in his own home development circle where his trance mediumship  suddenly began to develop.

After more than 30 years as a working healer he began to notice subtle changes happening in his work because of this trance mediumship and it was at this time that Peter made himself known.


Peter the Spirit Surgeon:


Peter is a very gentle and lively Spirit personality who lived on the earth many years ago, while not being a trained surgeon meant he had to first undergo the required specialist training for many years in Spirit before being able to seek out a suitable medium.

Now when you see Peter and his medium working together it is quite natural, the personality change between the two although subtle, can be quite striking for patients who meet Peter and Mike for the first time at a clinic.

The gentle compassionate nature of Peter seems to be what is always noticed first.