Mind Body & Spirit Events 2020:


Peter will be appearing at the following MBS Events in 2019. He will be in the main body of the hall during these events providing individual Spiritual Surgery sessions. Peter will also be demonstrating his surgical techniques in facinating interactve demonstrations at a number of these events, for the latest information check out the event workshops page at www.spiritflowevents.com or enquire on the day.


What is Spiritual Surgery?
In simple terms Spiritual surgery is the term used for surgical procedures being performed on the physical body of a patient through a medium, who while entranced is seen, felt or sensed to be performing these procedures using a range of Spirit surgical instruments.

While they are similar in appearance to their physical counterparts, they do not bring any of the usual accompanying pain or discomfort associated with a physical operation.

Administered from and performed by those trained in Spirit for this specialist work, these procedures can only be performed using the physical faculties of an entranced medium or one who is working under their strong influence.

Spiritual surgery cannot override the natural universal law, but by working within the scope of these laws then there is much that can be accomplished by these surgical procedures.

They work in conjunction with the natural healing function of a patient and can bring about a correction and restoration of health to the physical body.

Spiritual surgery is a simple pain free procedure, there is nothing mystical or magical about these procedures, they are simply a physical manifestation of the natural laws of the universe.

Conditions treated include:
Arthritis, Rheumatism, Hiatus hernia, Back, Neck & Shoulder pain, Slipped discs, Stomach pain, Sinus problems, Eye disorders, Post-operative pain and Nerve conditions. The conditions listed are those which are treatable at our regular clinics, only a few of the conditions listed here are treatable at a MBS event due to the time constraints placed upon us at these events.


Monthly Clinics:

Appointments available for booking at our regular monthly clinics held at Chelmsford

& Hempnall. (£20.00 non refundable deposit required)


Bi-Monthly Clinics:

Appointments available for booking at our regular Bi-Monthly clinic held at Prickwillow

& Mundford. (£20.00 non refundable deposit required)


Prickwillow (2nd Saturday & Mundford (2nd Sunday clinics held:

February: April: June: August: October: December:

Dates for the above clinics can be subject to change due to attendance at MBS events.


A full list of clinic appointment times and locations can be found at www.spiritsurgery.org.uk

For further information or to book an appointment contact:

The clinic appointment line:


Mobile: 07971 252413

4.00pm - 6.00 pm Tues - Thurs

(answerphone at all other times)


What happens at a Clinic?

During a normal Spiritual surgery session, the patient will simply be requested to lie on a therapy bed and then drift into a deep peaceful and relaxed state while the work is being performed.


There is no requirement for a patient to remove clothing during these operations the use of Spirit instruments makes this requirement unnecessary, as they pass easily through any clothing that the patient may be wearing at the time.   The only exception is the removal of a topcoat, shoes or spectacles that the patient may wish to remove in order to feel more comfortable.


If your condition should prevent you from maintaining a comfortable posture on a therapy bed, then a suitable chair or stool will be provided for your treatment. Due to the nature of the work being undertaken we’re unable to book a specific appointment time, but we will make every effort to see you at the agreed time, so please be patient.


MBS Events

£15 surgery taster sessions available at various times during the day (enquire for times on the day). Appointments also available for booking at one of our regular monthly or bi-monthly clinics held at various locations in the UK.


Please Note:

Patients who pre book an appointment at a regular clinic and then fail to attend for that appointment will not be offered treatment at any of these events.



MBS Events 2020:


MBS Mildenhall

Jubilee Centre

Recreation Way


Bury St. Edmunds

Suffolk. IP28 7HG

Saturday 21st March

10.00am - 3.00pm


MBS Swaffham

The Assembly Rooms

Market Place



PE37 7QH

Saturday 2nd May & Saturday 10th October

10.00am - 4.00pm


MBS Kings Lynn

Knights Hill Village Hall

Grimston Road

Kings Lynn


PE30 3HQ

Sunday 6th September

10.00 am - 4.00 pm


MBS Huntingdon

Hinchingbrooke House

Brampton Road



PE29 3BN

Sunday 26th July

10.00am - 4.00pm